Dior: Fairy Grey

As soon as all the Spring collections come out in the make-up world I get really excited, it's always my favourite season as the shades are usually soft, pretty tones that are easy to wear. This year my immediate attention went to the Dior stand where their collection just stood out to me, and all because one product in particular. I'm not someone who would normally spend such a splurge on one eyeshadow but this was so incredible that I just had to have it. 

The shade is Fairy Grey and is probably the most beautiful shadow in my collection. Grey is typically a colour I will avoid as it just seems to do nothing for me however this is completely different and it definitely lives up to its Fairy connotations. 
The actually shade is extremely hard to describe and does not pick up on camera anything like it does in person. It is a light grey with different coloured sparkles, which when applied wet makes it go a lilac shade on me and just brightens up my eyes. 

If you are a fan of anything sparkley this is the eyeshadow for you! It is basically fairy dust infused haha! Of course the packaging is to die for and feels like pure luxury - the product comes in a box and is then wrapped in a dark blue velvet sleeve making it feel even more special. 
I was definitely sceptical about buying something this expensive but I am so glad that I bit the bullet as it is just perfection. I would recommend using it wet as the pigmentation is much higher and gives a really pearlescent effect, or if used dry it just adds a sheer layer of glitter that could boost an everyday look. 

Let me know if you've bought anything that your loving recently, I read every comment and will reply to any questions! 


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  1. Fair dust infused... I love that! It looks gorgeous!!!